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The Story of Shakerato

Join us on a journey of flavor and innovation to the most exquisite drink on offer. Here’s the stor…

In the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there exists a group of innovative coffee masters at dr. CAFE COFFEE whose quest for perfection knows no bounds. Renowned across the globe for their unrelenting commitment to quality and the groundbreaking innovations. dr. CAFE COFFEE’s latest magnum opus is destined to revolutionize the world of Iced lattes.

One fateful day, while exploring the world of lush tropical sugars they came upon a hidden gem—a unique, raw, unrefined sugar known as Muscovado, or Barbados sugar. Unlike other sugars Muscovado bears a deep and captivating flavor, akin to molasses but with an earthy complexity that tingles the senses. Hints of toffee and a smoky aftertaste linger on the palate, promising a taste adventure.

Not only does the intense flavor set Muscovado apart from other sugars, but it is naturally bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it not just a sweetener but a healthful elixir. The discerning coffee experts at dr. CAFE COFFEE recognized how special the Muscovado was and were determined to create the world’s most exquisite Iced latte. Thus, the Shakerato was born—a coffee masterpiece.

To craft the Shakerato, dr CAFE COFFEE. combined Muscovado with their finest Iced latte, shaken to perfection providing the silkiest mouthfeel. The result is a sensory symphony—an infusion of bold flavors that dance on the taste buds elevating the coffee experience to unprecedented heights.

The Shakerato is a testament to the relentless spirit of those at dr. CAFE COFFEE who seek perfection and a revolution of flavor in every cup. Their quest not only redefines the Iced latte but has also rewritten the book on Iced Lattes. In the pursuit of excellence, they have created a legacy drink and coffee lovers will forever savor the bold magic of the Shakerato.

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