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The New Coffee Kingpin

dr. CAFE® Coffee: The new kingpin in redefining the social dynamics of modern and specialty coffee …

dr.CAFE® Coffee has been revolutionizing the coffee culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over a quarter of a century. The dr. CAFE® experience combines global quality and regional charm attracting a diverse range of customers and coffee aficionados. Dr. CAFE® is a premium international brand in the kingdom providing the ultimate coffee experience through its 250 stores located nationwide.

The pandemic challenged businesses across the globe, with many coffee shops closing. However, dr.CAFE® saw the opportunity and opened 15 stores within six months, achieving a 300% growth in its market share compared to the previous ten years. Dr. CAFE® achieved this significant accomplishment through reshaping the social atmosphere of cafes in Saudi Arabia, solidifying its position as the leader in the coffee business.

Riyadh was abuzz with talk from coffee enthusiasts, business delegates, students, and influencers celebrating dr.CAFE’s® innovative decor and design with the coffee drinker in mind. In pursuit of excellence, they redesigned layouts and created spaces that were welcoming, ergonomic, and functional. This made it possible for guests to relax and spend more time in coffee shops, changing the social fabric of coffee culture forever.

What’s impressive is that over the past two years, the number of visitors to dr. CAFE®’s specialty premium coffee stores has increased by 22%. Moreover, dr. CAFE®’s plans to open 200 more stores in the next three years and enter niche markets to reach a wider audience of coffee lovers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. CAFE® Coffee’s remarkable success and continued growth are a testament to their efforts in creating an inspiring and thoughtful atmosphere to enjoy a cup of premium specialty coffee. As they move forward and expand, we’ll be sure to look forward to seeing how dr. CAFE® continues its track record of excellence transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s cafe culture through innovation and passion.

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