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Unlock Coffee Rewards

Are you looking for a way to collect rewards while enjoying the ultimate coffee experience? Look no…

Have you ever finished the perfect cup of coffee and wished for something more? Something that would recognize the commitment and passion you take in choosing your favorite specialty drinks and food every day? You can now earn points at dr. Café Coffee which you can redeem for free drinks, food, exclusive offers and a birthday treat! Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Being a part of the dr. Cafe Coffee community also means that you can look forward to exclusive personalized offers and rewards. You can redeem your points for coffee refills, drip coffee, tea, mini croissants, pastries, espresso with additional items like hybrid beverages, sandwiches, cakes, beans, merchandise and even select items from our at home collection!

The best part is that anyone can enjoy these exclusive rewards—all it takes is earning 1 point on every 4 SR spent through our app or online store! So why wait? We want to make sure that our coffee enthusiasts feel rewarded for their loyalty, so dr. Café Coffee offer a variety of rewards to thank our discerning patrons.

It’s easy to start earning points! Our easy signup process makes it simple for you to join our unparalleled rewards program – no need for bulky cards or materials. Simply download the app or head over to our website to create your account and start earning rewards as a valued customer today!

Delight in the premium specialty coffee experience – with a delicious added bonus! Become part of the rewards program at dr. Café Coffee for an unbeatable experience that will leave you feeling appreciated and enjoy your last sip just that much more. Embark on the ultimate coffee journey with dr. Café Coffee and reward the coffee enthusiast within.

Join dr.cafe Rewards Program

To Join dr.Cafe Rewards Program, go to www.drcafestore.com Or download dr.Cafe Mobile App and Create an account and enjoy the ride

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