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Pairing Coffee with Food

Attention, coffee connoisseurs and epicurean enthusiasts! Discover the art of coffee and food pairi…

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we know that nothing can compare to the aroma, and flavour of a perfect cup of coffee. But what about when you’re eating something alongside your favourite dr.CAFE COFFEE

Being a place dedicated to the experience, we have compiled tips and pairings to get the most out of the coffee journey that might just change the way you appreciate coffee and food altogether!

First, the basics in pairing: Light roast coffee complements fruits, while dark roasts suits chocolate. Flavored and floral coffee suit spices whereas dark roasts are on point for bolder flavours. Pair medium roasts and nutty undertones with aged or salty cheeses. Naturally, the possibilities are endless! Below we embark on an enchanting coffee and gastronomic journey of infinite delight and discovery with dr.CAFE COFFEE!

Recommended sweet pairings: Italian Tiramisu with Iced Spanish latte – A rich, harmonious taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Date Muffin with Cinnamon and Pecan with VV Dripper Brewed – Ethiopia Oromia Coffee– The coffee’s floral aroma and fruity notes pair beautifully with the spiced muffin. Double Chocolate Cookie with Classic Cold Brew with Vanilla cold foam– Sip and savor this delightful pairing.

Elevate your meals with these savoury pairings: Chicken Caesar Salad with Strawberry Lemonade– Fresh & Bright! The sweetness of the lemonade perfectly complements the freshness of the salad leaving you refreshed and satisfied. Haloumi & Zatar Panini with Fresh Orange Juice– An immensely satisfying pairing and perfect combination of savory and citrus flavors.

Indulge in dr. cafe coffee Premium Specialty Coffee and complimentary food flavours, uncovering a new world of taste.  A memorable cafe dining experience awaits you in Riyadh and throughout the beautiful KSA. So, take time to experiment and indulge in all the fantastic profiles that coffee can offer, and discover a new world of taste .

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