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Finest Columbian Coffee Beans

Get ready for a coffee experience like none other! Discover the enchanting aroma and flavour of dr.…

Coffee is not just a simple drink, it’s a culture of warmth, connection, and energy for people here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally. And when it comes to exploring new and exotic flavors, no one does it better than dr. Cafe Coffee. One of the most sought-after flavours is the intensely aromatic and richly sweet-brown sugar coffee of our new single-origin Colombian Samboni Coffee.

dr. Cafe Coffee continues to bring its patrons the best of coffee from around the world, and the impeccable Colombian Samboni is no exception. This coffee boasts a high-toned, vibrant citrusy structure with juicy acidity and a syrupy mouthfeel. Every sip enchants and brings forth subtle complexities amidst the full-bodied highs and lows of this fascinating bean, unveiling intriguing nuances hidden within each drop.

Colombian Samboni uses Pink Bourbon beans from John Samboni’s finca in Colombia. The anaerobic fully washed process gives it an earthy charm and virtue. Handpicked, the premium coffee beans ferment for 70 hrs, pulped, and washed before drying for 20 days on Marquesas. Finally, the beans are roasted, ready for the perfect cup.

Grown at a high altitude it provides sweeter, more complex coffee flavours. This premium speciality coffee also has a complimentary note of black tea, which adds to the overall body and integrity. The best way to brew the Colombian Samboni coffee bean is in a VV Dripper using the pour-over method. The coffee can also be brewed using automated drip coffee machines, French press brewers, and AeroPress brewers.

Experience an amalgamation of passion with our Colombian Samboni coffee beans, crafted with great care to unlock the extraordinary aromas and flavours of Colombia’s finest coffee. The full-bodied richness of each sip, intricate notes, fragrance, and hints of sweetness, will make your day a pleasure. It is exclusively available at Hybrid V12 stores. Indulge in this unforgettable coffee experience today.

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