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VV Dripper

One of the easiest way to make handcrafted coffee beverage that optimizes extraction and deliver ri…

Innovated by dr.Cafe, this pour over method extracts either clear or bold flavor base on filter type.

Step 1:

Bring at least 600 grams (20 oz) of water to a boil. (198 – 205°F)

Step 2:

Grind coffee to a medium fine resembling granulated sugar. We recommend using 24 grams of coffee to 360 grams of hot water. To enjoy the nuanced flavor of a single-origin coffee that is lightly roasted.

Step 3:

Unfold your prepare Vv Coffee filter before placing into the Vv Dripper

Step 4:

Place the coffee filter into the Vv dripper.

If you are using a custom dr Café coffee filter, we recommend to rinsing the filter with hot water and then discharge the water before proceeding with brewing.

Step 5:

Pour the ground coffee onto the filter and gently tap it to level the surface of the grounds. Place the brewer on a carafe or cup, place this entire set-up onto a digital scale, and set it to zero.

Step 6:

There will be five pours total for this coffee preparation. This is the first, and the most magical, because as hot water first hits the grounds, Co2 is released creating a blossoming effect (the grounds will rise up or expand)

Begin pouring water slowly over the coffee, starting at the outer rim and moving in a steady spiral toward the center of the grounds. Stop pouring when the scale reaches 72 grams. Make sure all the grounds are saturated, even if you need to add a little water. The pour should take about 15 seconds. Start the timer and let it set for 45 seconds before moving on to the second pour.

Step 7:

Add 72 grams, pour slowly in spiral motion, bringing the total scale reading to 144 grams. The goal during this pour is to sink all of the grounds on the surface of the bed, allowing water to more evenly extract the grounds. Allow 15 seconds to elapse.

Step 7:

As the mixture of water and coffee from the second pour drops to the bottom of the filter, coming close to the level of the grounds, pour an additional 72 grams of water using the same pattern as the second pour. This brings the total up to 216 grams. let for 15 seconds after adding the before proceeding pouring the water for fourth time.

Step 8:

When the water and coffee from the third pour drops to the bottom of the filter, complete your fifth and final pour. Add 72 grams, bringing the total up to 360 grams of water. Let the water pass through the coffee grounds completely and it will take about 1 minute and 45 seconds.

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